Sea Salt Spray For Belly Piercings

march 30

Thinking about having your belly button re-pierced? before you go to have your piercing redone, here are a few simple tips and ideas to make the process as strength divisive.

Remember. make sure the piercing equipment is sterilized properly. serious risks include infection, allergic reactions, bleeding, and damage to nerves and teeth.
 I have a lot of questions about belly button piercings 1. how bad is the pain 1-10 (10 being really bad)? 2. does it hurt more if your really skinny or bigger or does.

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Short anecdotes and side-conversations kept the livelihood of the group going throughout the five hour programming session. There are almost an infinite number of mods someone could do to make Minecraft a more amusing game to play. But all these mods hold the same basic framework that we set up for any future work on making game-specific mods. By the end of the session, we had worked out an entire framework for making a mod. A Maven archetype to create a template Bukkit plugin allowed the attendees to avoid writing boilerplate code. A lower bar to get started and simplicity was the key for this audience. The mod built in the workshop added a new server-side command and printed a trivial message.

Although the goal of the workshop was to get an introduction on programming and make a Minecraft mod, I believe the attendees learned much more than that. I think the informal set up helped them discover that programming can be fun and useful to add to gaming experience. Programming is a vast field and we barely scratched the surface. But most importantly, the attendees had a good time and learned their first lesson of Java programming to start off an interest in it.

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